July 6, 2012

Baby, Talk is Cheap


Dear Johnny,

You are a polyglot baby.  You are bilingual by birth - you speak Bulgarian with Mommy and English with Daddy.  We also hope that one day you will study French at school, you'll pick up some Cantonese from your Grandma, and maybe you'll even learn yet another foreign language during your travels in Europe.  And since you are born in the heart of the Silicon Valley, there will be no surprise if you become fluent in a few programming languages.  You see, speaking properly and having a large vocabulary is very important, but let's not underestimate the value of LoL Speak.  After all, as a Bearcat you have all the potential to be a true Kitteh Whisperer.  

By then, however, you are mastering eloquence in Baby Talk, so agoo-ewe-aye Johnny!

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