July 5, 2012

Hit The Road, Jack

Dear Johnny,

Last weekend we took our first trip with you.  We got you a nice big car seat, packed about a ton of milk and a million diapers, and off we went to see your Grandpa John and Grandma Muoi.  They live up in the mountain, far away from everyone and everything, so you can understand Mommy's excitement about this getaway(Mommy is very, very anti-social).

You were a champ, Johnny.  You didn't cry during the long car ride (okay, you whimpered a bit at the end there, but only because we were stuck in traffic), and you loved the pit stop we made at the beach.  And when we arrived at Tassajara, you looked around with endless curiosity and pleasure.  Your feet got licked by some dogs, you were entertained by the sight of Grandma's hair rollers, and you took a nap on a lawn on top of the clouds.

I just knew you're going to be a Great Adventurer.


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