July 20, 2012

Let The Games Begin

Dear Johnny,

You play with real toys now.  You suddenly favor your Teddy Bear and your Oball over your infant rattles.  You are in such a hurry to grow up that we can barely keep up with you.  See, when I was young, I wanted to be something.  Now I just want to be young.  My point is, Johnny, take your time.  You are 11 weeks old only once.

You also don't want to be lying down all the time anymore. That's dull, you said. That's for babies, you said. You want to sit on the couch, like the big people do. So I put you on the couch, and you do sit for awhile, but then you decide to examine your feet a little closer and you ultimately tip over on your face.  

You always fall with a smile, though.  Which is more than I can say for some adults...

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