July 17, 2012

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.

~Leo J. Burke

Dear Johnny,

You resist sleep.  It's such an intricate task to put you to bed, that Mommy has to be very inventive to trick you even for a short nap.  All you want to do lately is to look around and play. The world is just too interesting to be missed in sleep, and you certainly aren't the baby who, just weeks ago, used to easily doze off after a few ounces of warm milk.  You are amused and contented when you sit up, but when I try lying you down, you instantly turn grumpy and you wave your arms a lot.  I tried setting up a comfy play area for you made of blankets and pillows where you'd hopefully tire yourself and slip into a gentle slumber, but this is what happened instead:

In a nutshell, Johnny, Mommy is experiencing a total and utter fail.

Funnily enough, you fall asleep INSTANTLY in your Daddy's arms.  He comes home from work, he picks you up, he holds you in this super awkward position, and mere five minutes later - poof!  You are snoring.  And he doesn't even has to sing!*

Go figure.

*Let alone dandle you and jiggle you and hum and walk around the apartment with you in his arms until his back hurts and he's ready to drop asleep himself or go insane or both.

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