July 6, 2012

Sounds Like a Plan

Dear Johnny,

Mommy misses her coffee.  It's not just that I need the caffeine after getting up so many times in the wee hours to feed and change you (or because I thought you needed to be fed and changed, but you were only tossing and sniffling and mumbling in your sleep - in which cases I feed the cat instead).  I like my coffee.  I like my coffee sweet, milky, foamy, syrup flavored, hot, and strong, but I have given it up because I don't want to add more excitement to your already active night schedule.  Trouble is, one coffee leads to another, and that's the way it is.

One day, though, Mommy will have the bean brew again.  We'll stroll down to the coffee shop together.  We'll sit outside in the sun with big smiles on our faces.  I will have a cappuccino, and you, Johnny, will have a babyccino.

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