August 31, 2012

Mr. Big

Dear Johnny,

At 3 months you used to wear clothes for 6 month-olds.  Now these are all too small for you, and Mommy had to go to an emergency shopping.  I got you clothes for 9 months, and it looks like they will fit you just right.

I am proud that you are growing so fast, Johnny, but I also feel kind of sad that soon you won't be able to wear your bear overalls.  

August 30, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

Dear Johnny,

When you were born, you looked a lot like your Daddy.  Lately, you start to look more like me.  As a baby I too was so round I was almost square.  But yesterday I took a photo of you sitting in Daddy's lap next to Shelby, and I captured this:

Your weasel expressions are so identical it's hilarious, Johnny.

One For The Road

Dear Johnny,

You turn 4 months today.  Congratulations!  You are old enough to hold your own bottle.  Trouble is, Johnny, once you have it in your pudgy hands, you don't quite know what to do with it.  

August 28, 2012

Rubber Duckie you’re the one, You make bathtime lots of fun

Dear Johnny,

There may come a time when you'll be worried about your weight, but at 4 months you can only be proud of your baby fat.  Your cheeks are fat, your belly is fat, even your feet are fat.  It is so cute I can hardly take it.  Your cute fatness is especially well displayed at bath time, when I can't help but squeal at the sight of your chubbiness.  

Which confuses you considerably, Johnny, and it makes you even cuter.  

August 21, 2012

Things Will Only Get Better

Dear Johnny,

Once upon a dream, Daddy promised Mommy that things will only get better.  We have dated for only a couple of months, but I believed him unconditionally.  Daddy stayed true to his promise, and more. Just look at you! 

All the photos from today's AMAZING back yard photo session here.

August 20, 2012

Bearcat Art

Dear Johnny,

You and Mommy spent some time decorating your room and I must say you have an excellent aesthetic sense.  We made an artwork of our hand outlines, we put an "I Love You, California" print in a frame, and we hung a map of Bulgaria next to Mommy's Face in Space certificate.  Nonе of the silly conventional baby festooning for you.  We have even more interior design ideas, such as putting  up an Optimus Prime poster, making a mobile out of old floppy disks, creating a thumb-print tree, and providing you with a chess board and a Rubik's cube, but those things can wait.  

The important part, Johnny, is to stay inspired at all times.   


Dream a Little Dream

Dear Johnny,

You love to sleep.  And thank goodness!  You are a good little napper, regular, consistent.  I am curious what kind of dreams you have when you doze off so sweetly... I will never know, but they must be good dreams because you look peaceful and happy when you sleep.

For this occasion, we got you a new crib.  You like it very much, especially the Pearl Jam poster we hung above it, but you still prefer sleeping in our arms, or in our bed.  Every morning at 5 am, like a clockwork, you start wiggle and shuffle in your crib.  This is a sign to pick you up and carry you in our bedroom, where you continue sleeping between us till daylight.

We don't mind, Johnny.  

You don't usually snore, but when you do, you snore very very quietly.

Mas Que Nada*

Dear Johnny,

You promise to be a contemplative and mellow person.  You don't play wildly, you don't yell and holler, and you're certainly not temperamental.  I like how carefully you observe the events, and how kindly you smile to everyone around you.  You smile all the time, baby, and your smile is disarming and contagious.  We are already better people because we've been smiled at so much.

Mommy was down with a cold in the last few days and she couldn't kiss you and hug you as often as she wanted, but something good emerged from this.  I was able to watch you from a distance, and I was amazed to see the new things you've been learning.  You reach grab things now, and your coordination is perfecting so fast!  You are particularly interested in grabbing your own feet, which is cute, and you sing to them, which is funny.  You bounce in your jumperoo like a big boy, and you flip on your side when lying down.  You laugh out loud now, especially when Mommy tries to nibble on your chin.  You follow the cat with your eyes and pet her when she comes closer.  You attack Daddy's back and you pull on his ears.  You like trying Mommy's fruit yogurt and you smack your mouth approvingly.  And to top it all off, you're becoming handsomer by the hour.

We are very proud with you, but moreover, we are gratified.  

Keep it up, Johnny.

* Your favorite tune of late.

August 10, 2012

Curiosity and The Cat

Dear Johnny,

Your Daddy calls you Curiosity, like the Mars Rover.  When you finally fall asleep, he reports to me: "Hоuston, Curiosity has landed!".  I am glad you are partial to exploration and adventure.  It's a good foundation for becoming a scientist or an artist one day, but it's also a nice way to live your life.  I want you to know no limits when imagining new ways the world could be, and I want you to experience all sorts of interesting things.  Miracles do happen, Johnny, but more importantly, it's within our own power to first conceive and then carry them out.

P.S. Shelby wasn't exactly thrilled when you tried to grab a handful of her fur, but that's the price of invention!

August 3, 2012

Four Years of Pure Bliss

Dear Johnny,

Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary yesterday.  It wasn't much of a party - we are both fatigued by the move to the new house and by being the most awesome parents we can, but we did have a glass of red wine and managed to watch an episode of Freaks and Geeks after you went to sleep in the evening.  Even those simple things makes us happy, though.  Wanna know why?  Because every day together is for us big and important and full of wonder.

We're rather lucky, Johnny.

Mi casa es su casa

Dear Johnny,

Our little family moved to a new house last weekend.  The entropy was complete for awhile, but we're slowly getting back into a good rhythm and the house feel more and more like home with every day that passes.  During the first night you, Daddy, Mommy, and Shelby all cuddled in bed together, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood.  Only there weren't many sounds - it's a very quiet place we got here.  We live the good life, Johnny.  

Your favorite things about our house are sitting in your bouncer and watching me cook in the large kitchen; sleeping in your Daddy's spot surrounded by all the pillows; and hanging out in the back yard near the kumquat tree.  We're still about to experience so many great things here.  Just wait and see.

August 1, 2012

Om Nom On Mom

Dear Johnny,

You are a hot mess.  Teething at 3 months ain't easy, but I guess it's just the way you are - always in such a rush. I wonder what's next...  Walking at 10 months?  Talking at one year?  

Anyways, teething might be an unpleasant business for you, but at times it's hilarious to me (and I'm referring to the times when you are not being all crabby).  You should see yourself, trying to stuff EVERYTHING into your cute little mouth, including me.  You look like a happy baby orca.