August 20, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

Dear Johnny,

You love to sleep.  And thank goodness!  You are a good little napper, regular, consistent.  I am curious what kind of dreams you have when you doze off so sweetly... I will never know, but they must be good dreams because you look peaceful and happy when you sleep.

For this occasion, we got you a new crib.  You like it very much, especially the Pearl Jam poster we hung above it, but you still prefer sleeping in our arms, or in our bed.  Every morning at 5 am, like a clockwork, you start wiggle and shuffle in your crib.  This is a sign to pick you up and carry you in our bedroom, where you continue sleeping between us till daylight.

We don't mind, Johnny.  

You don't usually snore, but when you do, you snore very very quietly.

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