August 20, 2012

Mas Que Nada*

Dear Johnny,

You promise to be a contemplative and mellow person.  You don't play wildly, you don't yell and holler, and you're certainly not temperamental.  I like how carefully you observe the events, and how kindly you smile to everyone around you.  You smile all the time, baby, and your smile is disarming and contagious.  We are already better people because we've been smiled at so much.

Mommy was down with a cold in the last few days and she couldn't kiss you and hug you as often as she wanted, but something good emerged from this.  I was able to watch you from a distance, and I was amazed to see the new things you've been learning.  You reach grab things now, and your coordination is perfecting so fast!  You are particularly interested in grabbing your own feet, which is cute, and you sing to them, which is funny.  You bounce in your jumperoo like a big boy, and you flip on your side when lying down.  You laugh out loud now, especially when Mommy tries to nibble on your chin.  You follow the cat with your eyes and pet her when she comes closer.  You attack Daddy's back and you pull on his ears.  You like trying Mommy's fruit yogurt and you smack your mouth approvingly.  And to top it all off, you're becoming handsomer by the hour.

We are very proud with you, but moreover, we are gratified.  

Keep it up, Johnny.

* Your favorite tune of late.

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