September 4, 2012

All That Jazz

Dear Johnny,

Mommy doesn't play any musical instrument (unless you count the conga, but then again I have a terrible sense of rhythm), so thankfully you have taken after your Daddy.  He used to be in a dixieland band when he was younger, and he plays the piano and the guitar pretty nicely.  This weekend we went to your grandparents's house, where you wasted no time in spotting your Daddy's old upright Baldwin.  You make a beautiful music, Johnny, yet what I love about your performances is the passion you put in every note.

I would say your creations are a bit on the jazz side, though genius cannot be categorized.

1 comment:

  1. Скъпи мой Джони,
    Кратката композиция която представяш, предвид твоята крехка възраст е изпълена с много динамизъм, контрастни акорди и жизнерадостни контрапунктове, които ме изпълват с благодатни настроения!:)
    Благодаря!Обичам те!
    Твой дядо Румчи