September 10, 2012

Let The Good Times Roll

Dear Johnny,

Daddy finally figured out how to commute to work with the train (public transport isn't American suburbia's most renowned quality, Johnny, but that's okay - one day you'll experience the glorious railways of Europe) and he left us the car to use as we see fit.  You and I have already explored the neighborhood by ways of stroller and carrier, so today we drove down to the park and had a blast.  

We saw squirrels there, guys playing ball, mommies and other babies at the playground (although we kind of snubbed them, because we're not into play-dates and we prefer to do our thing), old ladies enjoying the sunshine, bicyclists, and local teenagers wasting time.  We relaxed on the grass, we looked at the redwood trees, and we sang songs together, you and I.  And you were such a good baby, Johnny!  You didn't cry during the ride, and you didn't whimper when you got tired.  We listened to the radio on the way back, and your Daddy's favorite song came on - Soul to Squeeze.  Ah, good times!

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