October 25, 2012

Go Barry O!

Dear Johnny,

I caught you reading the Rolling Stone magazine today.  Well chosen material, baby, well chosen.  Your President, Mr. Barry O is on the cover of the latest issue, and you seem to be liking him a lot, judging by the passion you put in nibbling and drooling all over the pages.  Once again, you have a great taste.  You see, Barry is a good guy.  He's an awesome Dad, he can sing, and he has all of his marbles together, unlike many other guys in this country.  So, it is safe to say, Johnny, that we support him in this years' Presidential Election.

Trouble is, neither you nor I can vote just yet... But we'll get there.  You just wait and see.

P.S. You are almost 6 months old, Johnny! And you can sit all on your own now.  

1 comment:

  1. To those of you who might say that I am forcing political views on my child before he's old enough to choose for himself: go duck yourselves.