October 29, 2012

To infinity and beyond!

Dear Johnny,

In the span of merely one week you went from turning over to sitting to crawling.  Boom!  Just like that.  Now you are unstoppable.  The good news is that we can play all sorts of fun games, such as Fetch, Chase the Cat, and Destroy Mommy's Bookshelf.  The bad news is that I can't leave you alone for even a minute, because when I do, I usually hear a loud thump! followed by suspicious silence and then even a louder cry.  You are so happy that you can crawl, and you don't even care about the red marks the furniture leaves on your sweet little fuzzy rounded head.  Mommy and Daddy will be very busy baby-proofing the house this weekend - gone are the days when we could just drop things on the floor and leave them there.  Still, being tidy is a very small price to pay for watching you maneuver around like the stealth baby bug that you are.  Congratulations, Johnny!  

Now get to work and learn how to walk.

(please watch in HD for your viewing pleasure)

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