November 28, 2012

There And Back Again

Dear Johnny,

You are not a tourist, you are a traveler.  New sights galvanize you and new experiences bring about the best of your character.  You shine your brightest under stress, my baby, and that makes me proud.  

This past weekend we did a pilgrimage to Mommy's favorite Monterey County, and on the way there we stopped at a petting zoo.  You spent the entire time smiling and waving your arms and kicking your legs like a cute little lobster (your Grandpa's words, not mine).  Your first Thanksgiving was eventful - you met some cousins of yours, you were hugged and carried around by many different people, you played surrounded by fluffy down pillows in a fancy hotel, you walked around the city at dark, you explored the woods of Tassajara, and you rode in the back of the car up and down dirt roads, but you hardly got cranky and you didn't complain.  

You are a champ, Johnny.  May all of your journeys be as enlightening and fun!

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