December 11, 2012

Baby - the gift that keeps on giving.

Dear Johnny,

In our family we love Christmas so much, that it arrives not on December 25th, but the moment we turn the calendar on the last day of November.  From then on, we immediately begin singing carols, exchanging gifts, and decorate to our heart's content.  You haven't received your present just yet (we are kind of puzzled about that one as we are unsure if you even understand the concept of Christmas) but Daddy gave Mommy hers, and you  wholly approve of it.

The Audio-Technica headphones are awesome, baby, but nothing can compare to the gift you gave us.  Yesterday you began saying two syllable words, such as GA-GA and DE-DE!  

Well done, Johnny.  I'm sure you did this thanks to your advanced baby brain, but all the Vivaldi we played to you couldn't have hurt either :)

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