December 26, 2012

The only reason a great many American families don't own an elephant is that they have never been offered an elephant for a dollar down and easy weekly payments.*

~ from Mad Magazine

Dear Johnny,

Unlike your fellow American peoples, you have never been into a store of any kind until this very day.  This is almost as astounding as the fact that we do not own or watch TV, and I want you to be proud of it.  I always do the grocery shopping in the evenings or weekends, when Daddy's at home on baby duty, and I don't bring you with me because a) I cringe at the sight of mothers dragging their newborns along the frozen meals aisle, and b) because I want to avoid you getting cranky at the checkout and cry your head off to the bemusement of others shoppers, or worse - in the car on the way home, where I have to deal with it.  You see, baby, your Mommy's is European and non-consumerist, which automatically rules out the possibility of going to the mall and buying stuff for fun.

Today, however, we did just that.  All three of us went to an outlet store and got Daddy a pair of khakis and some socks for you.  At first you were in a sort of a stupor from all the lights and stuff in there, and you seemed to stare suspiciously at everyone,  making them uncomfortable.  Soon enough though you relaxed and became your good old self - giggling and trying to touch everything.  Also, you are getting terribly big!  You hardly fit in the shopping cart... You did great, baby.  It was a fun day.

* That, and the size of their poo, Johnny.  That's Daddy's contribution to this letter :)

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