January 22, 2013

Big Brother

Dear Johnny,

It seems that you were born just yesterday, but the truth is, soon enough you won't be the baby of the family anymore; you'll be the Big Brother!  That's right - Mommy and Daddy are going to have another impossibly cute, über smart, and endlessly sweet little bearcat - only, of course, we'll come up with the appropriate unique animal combination when he or she is born.  We dearly hope that the new baby will be a girl, so aside of having the most attractive Pfeiffer boy, we'd also have the prettiest Pfeiffer girl...yet it's going to be awesome if it's another boy, too.  Hell, we'd be over the moon if it's twins!  Either way, Johnny, you'll have a companion and someone to share your  toys with.

I am overwhelmed with joy, Johnny, and although you don't yet understand the meaning of all this, I am sure that you'll do great.  I can tell by the authoritative way you mess up my kitchen - you'll be the coolest Big Brother, who knows all the interesting games, and is tricky enough to egg you onto getting the trouble, while possibly getting away by blaming you for it.

You tried to pin this on the cat, but luckily for me I wasn't born yesterday :)

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