February 18, 2013

The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.

~ Ralph W. Sockman

Dear Johnny,

They call it CCTV in Britain, Video Surveillance in the US, but we simply call in Johnnycam.  We bought one to be able to watch how you respond to your sleep training at night, but it has turned into a much more powerful - and fun - tool than that.  We also use it to watch Shelby as she prowls your room, and we check on things at home directly from our phones.  Ah, the times you live in, baby.  They are very technological, but also full of miracles.

The image of you crying your head off in your crib is not miraculous, but it makes me laugh every time.  I am sorry, but it does.  And sometimes I go in there and make funny faces at the camera.  Sue me.

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