March 20, 2013

The Curious Case of Johnny the Bearcat

Dear Johnny,

Here are some curious things about you:

1. You are always very puzzled when I change my hairstyle, and you stare at me as if you see me for the first time.

2.  When you refuse to sleep, you get up in your crib and trow all of the covers and pillows over the edge, then you proceed to jump up and down and yell until I come and fetch you.

3.  You love bubbles.

4. You say elaborate "words" but you refuse to say "mamma".

5. You play best not with one of your 4, 598 toys, but with pieces of paper, caps and random things from the kitchen cupboards.

6.  When there's a loud noise, like the vacuum or the gardeners' leaf-blowers, you start singing in tune, as you think that no one can hear you.

7.  You always go for the forbidden things.  You are relentless with the cables.

8.  You get really exasperated when I'm using my iphone while we play, and you try to grab it away from me and eat it.

9.  The first thing you do when you see me in the morning is to give me a kiss.

10.  When I start humming Vivaldi's Four Seasons, you look directly at the speakers, even if they are off, because you know that's where the music comes from.

11.  You imitate the cat's meow quite nicely.  

12.  You are infatuated with belly buttons.

14. You have the habit of waving at strangers through the window, and at squirrels and birds from your stroller when we're out walking.

15.  You seem to be always surprised by the touch of your own legs.

16.  You are a big fat jar of awesome sauce.

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