April 8, 2013


Dear Johnny,

You are such a big boy now!  We just barely came to terms that you even exist, and you are already doing things toddlers are supposed to do, speeding up to the next phase, learning something new overnight, growing like a mushroom after rain, and it seems that you are always ahead of us, happy, strong, good, and very, very cute.  We're panting, Johnny, out of breath from laughing with you, chasing you around, trying to keep up.  It's been an amazing experience, and we are tired but confident that you will get far, wherever you want to go.

This past weekend we all went to the Farmers' Market to grab some veggies and flowers.  You enjoy being out and about so much, especially when people stop to say hi to you, and when Mommy gives you some carrots to nibble on.  You are a good little wabbit, Johnny.  And you know it all too well.

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