April 10, 2014

A Year In Review: The Wonderful Twos!

Dear Johnny,

It's been a year since I last wrote to you here.  Lots happened during this time!  To honor your upcoming Second Birthday, I will try to recap our amazing adventures together and give you the highlights of the past twelve months so that when you grow up and are able to read this, you'd be absolutely embarrassed by how much your Daddy and I were obsessed with you...but also maybe a bit proud.  I hope you actually feel good about the whole thing.  Two years since your birth, I do.  It feels awesome to exist in the same world as you, my love.

Anyway, back to the story.  First and foremost, you have grown.  Boy, have you!  Remember how we thought you were the most gorgeous baby in the whole Universe?  Well, you are now more handsome than ever, and I am still smitten with you beyond words with your big earnest eyes, with your rosebud lips, your gold hair and your sweet smile that shines like a sun on your face, enlightening everything it shines upon.  I know, ew.  It's so sugary and so true.

You grew strong, too.  At 24 months you wear clothes for 3 year olds, you are taller than most of your peers, and you run and climb and bounce balls, and your energy knows no limits, and you are fearless.  One thing, though - you are a bit on the clumsy side.  I didn't know that it was possible for someone to trip in their own feet...as they stand still...but you have proved that it is.  Many times.  Or you'd start walking backwards and bump into the wall.  Real silly stuff like that!  You are simply too eager, Johnny, and often your limbs cannot keep with your mind.  

But while we still have to work on coordinating your motor skills (and getting your impulse control...under control), your mind have no trouble keeping up.  It seems that you are gifted after all, just like we wished and hoped before you were born, and joked about during the first months of your life.  You are quite ahead in the developmental charts, Johnny, and we are scared shitless of this fact but still utterly proud.  

At two you are bilingual going on trilingual (French), can count on your own to twelve in English and to ten in Bulgarian.  You know the alphabet and all the words that start with each letter.  When we read a book for goodnight you tell the stories back to us, and you make long and complex sentences, and you can explain difficult concepts with a striking clarity and confidence.  You recognize shapes and can name colors, and you are able to play-pretend the way much older kids do.  Also, you speak of yourself in third person, which is hilarious.

It's the WOW effect, Johnny.  Watching you do stuff is mesmerizing.

While there are things that I am very critical about in your behaviour (duh, because I'm the Great Expectations kind of Mommy), I am very fond of your personality.  You have your own tastes and preferences and choices, and your own habits and ideas and desires.  Music is still one of your greatest pleasures.  You are obsessed with trains and trucks and firemen and construction work.  Technology presents no mystery to you, but you also make a good use of plain old sticks.  It's what I've always said, Johnny - you give a boy a warning and a permission, and a stick becomes the best toy ever.

And you are good, Johnny.  So very good.  You are just one genuinely happy boy.  Your heart is big and you love Shelby and you love us, and you love your Beah and your toys, and you love My Gym and Daycare, and you love playing basketball and drawing and your laptop, and you love my belly bump and you gently touch it and sweetly talk to it.  

For yes, Johnny, you are about to become a Big Brother this August, and it looks like you can hardly wait!  This will be so much fun for you (for us, not as much fun as tiring - at least in the beginning, but I'm sure we'll join the festivities soon enough), and you deserve a friend to keep you company, and a peer to show off to, and guide him on the road you've already walked so well (and yes, it is a little brother you are going to have!).

So it turns out that in the past year we all grew a lot, Johnny.  Daddy and I are not just better parents now, but also better people because we constantly push ourselves to improve who we are, so that you can have the best example and the most diverse inspiration possible.  We can't give you the world, but we can surely teach you how to claim it, if you want it, baby.  There will be no limits for you, never forget this.

I will write again to share images and stories from your upcoming birthday party, but until then - WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Always, always.

 Some of our adventures included visiting Seattle in May and going back to Bulgaria in June - respectively your first jet flight, and your first trans-Atlantic trip ever; we petted horses and puppies; we walked on the beach of the Pacific Ocean; we spent time with Grampa and Grandma up in the Mountain; we moved to a new house in a new town; we had your other Grandma over for the Holidays; we played with water and dirt and sand and autumn leaves and with cameras and with other kids; we took naps and we stayed up all night; we blew bubbles and built towers; we discovered the Moon and our own body parts; we made messes and we cleaned them up; we tasted new foods and decided we only like mac & cheese (and Yo Baby yogurt) and we will eat it forever;  we cried and we giggled and we hung in there and we hung out and we had a blast, Johnny.  What a year!

Here's to an infinitrilion more.