August 21, 2014

Inflinitrillion of Love, Times Two

Dear Johnny,

Last week you became a Big Brother to baby Julian!!!  It was such an amazing adventure for you, and you behaved like a champ the entire time.  I am sure it was worth the wait, and hope that soon enough your Little Brother will also prove to be your best friend.  You deserve good company, Johnny, and someone to look up to you.  Just imagine all the fun things you will be able to teach Julian!  (No, I didn't mean chasing after the cat or running in circles until you get dizzy even though you know running is forbidden in the house.  I mean the other, less wild fun things.)

So far you guys are getting along splendidly, and you make us so very proud.  Therefore you were deserving of a new Big Boy bike, and Julian - of kisses on the little baby feet.  Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to see you grow together, learn, and go places.

But for now Johnny, we like to have you just where you are - at home, right next to us.  We love you, kids!  We love you endlessly!

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