March 2, 2015

A Letter to Kittybear

Dear Julian,

Your big brother Johnny got to have an entire blog, but you only get a post in it - this is not because we love you less (we love you so much words are insufficient to describe it), but because we are now just too busy.  Busy being with you and taking care of you and admiring every move and sound you make.  That, and you know, with boring parental stuff.

But you are here, and you deserve at least one nice little post you can read one day and feel good about yourself.  You have every reason to - you are AMAZING!!!!  You are almost 7 months old, and you are the cutest, coolest, most intelligent baby ever.

Julian, your brother Johnny is totally obsessed with Daddy, but you are Mamma's boy.  You are a spitting image of me when I was your age, and you have this very serious, wise face for which we call you Mister Baby...until you smile, and then the whole world lights up - for which we call you The Fountain of Happiness.  Your laughter is the sweetest thing I've ever heard in my life.  Unlike your brother (who's still a regular Grumpy Cat), you go to sleep and wake up smiling and happy.  This is such a relief, Julian!  Thank you.  Motherhood is tough enough without having to deal with babies who are cranky for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.  (It's okay, Johnny, we love you even when you whine.)

So, Julian, you do this great thing when you look at me and I talk to you lovingly - you slow-blink at me with a dreamy smile, and it makes my heart flutter.  You, however, are quick to start crying the minute you see a stranger approach you.  We need to get out more...

You are very dexterous.  Comparing siblings is unhealthy, they say, but it happens - you are impossible to compare to other babies, anyways (yes, you are that special).  Your brother Johnny is a genius kid, and he's stunningly handsome and he will have a great future in entertainment...but he's clumsy.  Gosh, he literally trips in his own feet while just standing there!  You are slower to start sitting and walking, but you are so much more handy than him...and that gives us some sort of balance.  We don't mind having one kid in the arts, and one in the crafts!  For we might love you differently, but we love you equally.

You have two teeth already, Julian, and you are currently growing two more.  This is an exhausting exercise, and a very drooly one, too.  You like to sleep on your tummy, but even though you can roll around like a champ, you simply refuse to sit.  You eat crackers and solids like a fiend, and for some reason you don't like to drink water.  You play with your cups, instead, spilling it anywhere but in your mouth.

You adore Johnny, baby.  Your big brother is the funniest thing you've ever seen, and you follow him around, staring worshipingly at him, and you want to grab him and chew on him as a token of your love.  You also grab at Shelby, and you giggle when she gives you kisses.  And when you have a toy in your hand, you can throw it really far when you are done with it.  

Your head is very round and very fuzzy.  I also call you Piglet and your Grandma calls you Смешко and Лъжльо, because you are tricksy and sometimes you just want a bottle but won't fall asleep after you've finished it.  You have this secret devilish look you employ when you realize you have tricked us all.  You are also a Milk Thief, as you reach for your bottle in the crib at night and drink it by yourself, when you are supposed to be sleeping.  You are addicted to strings.  Strings, according to you, are just the BEST TOYS.

And sometimes when you "talk" it sounds like "I'm a bebbeh!" and "I love you!".  

That's right.  You are.  The best bebbeh ever.

There's more, Julian, and I am sure I will write to you again by the time you turn 1.  In the meantime, I am enjoying your pudgy baby arms and legs, your sweet smell, your innocent eyes, your cute smile, your funny sounds and the rest of your amazing self.  You will grow awfully fast...I know that now.  But you are mine now, and everything is quite alright.